Welcome to Holland’s Holiday Lights

Welcome to Holland’s Holiday Lights

We have enjoyed setting up our outdoor Christmas display since our first Christmas together in 1977. Our intention has always been to offer some holiday magic to the children (of all ages) who enjoy outdoor holiday displays.

Greg & Diane Young

What’s this all about?

We moved into our current home in 1981, which gave us over a half acre of a front yard, and an additional half acre of a side yard, to serve as our palette to decorate. The display has changed and grown many times over the years since.

A few of the most frequent questions we are asked are:

  • How long does it take to setup and take down the display every year?
  • How many lights do you have?
  • How much electricity does this display consume?
  • How do you create some of these display items?
  • What is our special family night event?
  • When can we visit?

What you can do here …

Use the navigation buttons on the right to learn the answers to these frequently asked questions, and plan your visit to see the display in person. You can also view pictures and videos of some of our previous displays and events, as well as read some of our how-to’s.

Be sure to read the posts in “The Latest Happenings” for information on our upcoming special events and changes to our display. The most recent posts are listed on the right side of every main page. Click on the one of interest to be taken directly to that post.

Feel free to post any comments/suggestions, as they are always welcome!

7 replies on “Welcome to Holland’s Holiday Lights”

We really enjoyed the display. Our 19 month old son loved it! We would like more information on the visit from FROSTY thank you

I was wondering about the photos taken last Saturday night and also were we supposed to leave a address for the letters to Santa. Could you please get back to me and let me know. Thank you very much. We also really loved your display of lights and was glad we were able to see them thank you for doing them they are beautiful.

Scott, I sent the pictures out a couple of days ago to the email addresses folks supplied.
I did not get any returned as undeliverable. Did you get yours?
As to the letters, those were mailed out last Sunday.
The children should have received them by Tuesday at the latest.
Glad you enjoyed the display. Hope to see you and your family again next year! 🙂

Mr. And Mrs. Young, thank you so much for setting up your beautiful Christmas display every year! This has become an annual tradition at Christmas time with our daughter, she loves visiting your home at least twice during the holidays to see everything. Thank you for putting all that effort in for the children, and adults of our community!

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for all the effort over the years. My parents took me to see your display when I was a child in the early 90’s and now all these years later at 33 I still swing by with my girlfriend. We were the final two people to watch the show as it ended both of these past two years, kind of a new tradition I guess. I’m planning on buying my family’s home down on Burlingham Road in a few years and doing a grand display… but I’ll never be able to match this! Again, thank you for all those years as a kid enjoying the display, back when Christmas was magical… and, honestly, for a much needed pickmeup the last few years as a struggling adult. Old fashioned Santa at the front of the driceway was, and always will be, my favorite. I have a faint memory from those early 90’s where I feel like he was the only thing you guys had up there… but I could be mistaken. Anyway, Merry Christmas, and take care!

Thanks for the kind words Ron!
Glad you enjoyed our display.
Our original Santa was a 5 foot blow mold. He did “speak” via a message I recorded.
Once I got into animatronics we got the one you see. He has lasted over 20 years, but is unfortunately reaching the end of his lifespan. I hope to keep him going at least for one more year. We’ll see…
Next year is our 40th consecutive year of doing a display. It’s hard to imagine it’s been that long….
We had a lot more than the Santa you remember back then, but that is how younger visitors tend to remember their visit, often one or two things that made an impact.
We will keep going as long as we are able to.
I am happy to hear you are planning a display of you own when you acquire your family house.
It can be a lot of work once it gets larger, but it really is worth it.
Our family night has helped given me the motivation to keep on going, especially on days like today (day number one of display takedown) when I might question why I continue to setup a large display each year.. 😉
Hope to meet you one of these years.

Hey Greg, you’ve got a point about kids remembering one or two profound things. I swear I can’t remember even pulling into the driveway… my memory is only letting me glimpse sitting in between my parents in a really old Chevy pickup around 1990-1994ish and being in total awe of Santa talking to us from the end of the driveway. I was a 90’s kid, the final generation capable of appreciating simple things like that, so no wonder it made an impact. Sorry to hear about the current Santa going into retirement, but I’m looking forward to the 40th anniversary and want to wish you congratulations in advance! I’ll have to introduce myself next year, or maybe we’ll run into each other in town. Happy New Year to both of you!