2021 Display Planning Update

I recently completed trenching a 280 foot run in our clay and rocky soil to carry new cabling out to our AudioAnimatronic Santa that greets visitors as they pull into the drive way. That was a workout, but was successful.

Next project is our new video screen, the parts of which are still on backorder, but should be here in a few weeks. The video cabling has been run for the unit. It will be mounted on the front of the house, near the driveway, so our AudioAnimatronic deer (Ricky) who announces every other song, will be moved to the side of the house near the garage door.

The floodlights then will have to be moved, so there is a lot of background wiring that needs to be done to modify the display and get it operational this year.

That being said, it will be completed in time for the kickoff of this year’s display season.

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