2021 Display Planning

I just finished completely rebuilding our FM transmitter, to ensure we will continue to have commercial FM quality audio being broadcast at our display, along with RDS data displaying the song and artist information on newer radios that offer text display.

We run a flea powered broadcast station on 104.3Mhz, broadcasting Christmas music daily 7am to 6pm, followed by the display’s music from 6pm – 10pm during the holiday season, starting the day after Thanksgiving, running through Christmas day.

Since folks not in the immediate area can’t receive the broadcast, I am looking into how I can possibly stream it from my server, allowing folks to login and listen regardless of their location! That part of the project is likely to be a 2022 project, as I have several other changes for this year’s display that need to take precedence, and I will need some IT assistance in figuring out how to ensure streaming on my server.

Next up for this year’s display will be a new video screen. Details will follow in a subsequent post, once I get the equipment identified.

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Looking forward to this year’s display. At 34, I just had my first child, a boy. At 6 months old, he probably won’t know what the heck is going on yet, but it’ll still be a good start to a new tradition as my parents had with me. See ya this Xmas!

Congratulations on the arrival of the newest member of your family Ron!
Enjoy the years ahead with him, as they go by before you know it.
The display (drive-in) runs starting the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas day, running from 6 – 10pm.
Our annual family night (walk-in opposed to drive-in) with the North Pole characters will be on Saturday, December 11th from 6:30 – 8pm.
Hope to see you and your family then!

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