2022 Family Night Pictures are Available

I just finished sending out all of the family photos taken with the North Pole characters during our family night this past Saturday. They can be found here. On the home page select display photos, then select Frosty and Friends 2022 at the bottom of the list. You can view them individually, or select the slide show and sit back and watch the pictures get displayed sequentially, the speed of which you can select..

Next up is to ensure that all the letters to Santa make it to the North Pole so Santa can answer the letters!

Finally, I will go through the pictures of this year’s display items, along with video snippets of the display, all taken during this year’s family night event by my 11 year old grandson! He shot quite a bit, so it’s going to take me a few days to go through them all and select the best to upload. Great job Andrew!! 🙂

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