2023 Display Update

I know that I have been “posting silent” for several months.

The reason for that is I have been planning out, and now am in the middle of implementing very significant changes to our 43rd consecutive display. These changes will be the largest we have ever made, and will be immediately apparent to those who have visited us in the past!

I am using new software allowing me much more latitude in creating unique effects for the show portion of our display.

Visitors will see a number of new elements added this year, and some existing ones will look completely different, based on new programming.

The South side of our home (visitors see both the South and East sides of our home from the parking area) will be completely different from how it has looked in the past. I will share more on that when we get closer to opening night. It is going to be a game changer!

As a result of that new look I will be selling some of the elements I have used on the South side of our home. Details will be provided in a subsequent post.

I have programmed and added 4 new songs, added a number of new effects in several others, and changed our “visitor control panel” selections.

Each button of the control panel will pick one of the two songs listed above it. The next time it is pushed it will select the other one. Given we have 6 buttons, that allows visitors to select 12 songs, in addition to the ongoing list those being played.

Please remember buttons will not work until a previous selection has finished playing no matter how many times it is pushed, so please do NOT push any buttons until the first song you selected has ended.

The 3 buttons on the left select among 6 songs we have geared for children (or those young at heart!)

The 2 on the right are for the 4 new songs we have this season.

The button located between the 3 childrens’ selection buttons and the 2 new addition buttons is for 2 popular songs that folks last year asked to be added.

I hope you all enjoy the reminder of our summer!

Now it’s back to display work for me.

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