A sneak peak at one of the display’s new changes…

Folks have been emailing us, asking about the changes planned for this year.

While I had planned to leave the changes as undefined, so folks could be surprised when they visit this year, I was “persuaded” to share one in advance.

Visitors will see a newly enhanced synchronized display in the front yard (along with the elves, flying Santa & reindeer and LED tree in the Southern yard as before).

The South end of our home however will now be entirely used for projection mapping!

All of the LED lighting and display elements have been removed from there and relocated.

I just completed the last projection mapping scene a few minutes ago. It was a fun learning process for me, as I learned how to create the facades, animate some of the facade’s effects, and then add actual videos to many of them.

The various scenes have been combined into one large Christmas show which will run concurrently from 6- 10pm along with our synchronized display.

I have focused the scenes with children in mind, creating several scenes of a large snowman who gets into some interesting situations, a few gingerbread house short intermission scenes, several scenes involving Santa’s workshop, a dancing gingerbread men scene, and several scenes involving a gingerbread family’s activities.

Many scenes have some sound, which I am still trying to figure out how best to share with visitors, given our synchronized display audio is not only broadcast on FM radio, but also is shared with visitors via outside speakers which will likely cover up the local sound of the projections.

The projection effects can certainly be enjoyed without sound but the dancing scenes etc. would make more sense with it. Hopefully I will come up with something as the audio output from the projector is not loud enough.

It’s hard to believe we will be starting another season in only 13 days!

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