Details for tonight’s family night event!

We are all set for family night at the display tonight! 🙂

Santa and the characters will greet visitors starting at 6:30pm, and will be there through 8pm, going a little longer depending on the crowd.

This is a walk in event for tonight. There will be cones blocking the driveway, placed far enough up the driveway to allow visitors to pull their vehicles in and drop family members off. The driver can then pull back out and park along the sides of road.

Our road is rural, with a speed limit of 45 mph, so we want to ensure young children don’t have to walk down the road, which is unlit except at intersections, typical for country roads out this way.

We will have candy canes for the kids, and hot chocolate for all.

I will be taking (free) pictures, which will be emailed to folks. ** While folks are welcome to take their own pictures, be advised that if you use flash for your pictures with our snowman “Frosty” the flash will unfortunately show the individual actually inside the costume through it’s eyes, which is why I suggest any pictures with the snowman should be taken by me.
I will blacken his eyes in post production editing before emailing them out to avoid children getting disappointed should they see the pictures. It’s not an issue with Rudolph or Elf on the Shelf, just Frosty.

Tonight’s annual event will be held whether it’s raining, snowing, warm or cold.
For local weather details, scroll down our main page of this website to see the temperature, wind speed, any precipitation, etc. at our site.

In the planning your visit section google maps will offer you driving directions if needed.

Lastly, per requests we have received over the years as to whether we are retiring any display items and would offer them for sale this year we have 2 to offer this year:
For outdoor use – A 5 foot polycarbonate (Lexan) cross, with a smaller cross superimposed on it. We put in all new wiring and lighting (clear incandescent, which we use on our crosses), and will include extra bulbs as well . $40
For indoor use- a “Mr. Maestro”. You plug your tree into this device, and by verbal commands can turn the lighting on and off, and select songs, which will flash the tree’s lights in response to the music. The kids (grandkids in our case) loved that unit! $40

Remember that we are collecting for the Boys and Girls club, so any cash donations you choose to make are appreciated, but again this is not required. There is a lock box out in the display area that if you choose to donate you would deposit the money into. Thanks, but we do not accept any money for our display, as we consider this our gift to the community.

We hope to see many of you tonight!
Greg & Diane

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