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Frosty & Friends 2019

We had quite a snowstorm this evening, and my camera malfunctioned, so I was only able to get 2 pictures. Despite the weather we had a number of visitors who weathered the elements to make the trip out to see our North Pole visitors.

Frosty & Friends 2021

We had high winds (gusts to 65mph), with downed trees that evening. It started off with rain, which stopped before the display was due to come on, but the high winds continued, and power was lost while the display was running. The generator kicked in and ran the display for over 2 hours until power was restored. Despite the high winds we had visitors come from as far away as Rochester. Pictures were taken by Dan Michael who drove over 330 miles with his wife Amy, to assist us with our family night event, despite the high winds and rain.

Frosty & Friends 2022

Frosty welcomes his friends in 2022.

Display Photos 2022

These random display photos were taken by Andrew, our 11 year old grandson, during our family night with the characters, before and after our visitors arrived.