Display safety

We have been seeing a lot of traffic this year, I think in part as people want to get out with the family and enjoy some safe outdoor events.

Quite a few people have been having fun talking with Bruce, but a few of our younger visitors seemed to be frightened, and a few adult visitors didn’t seem to know what to make of it. I think we need to make him sound a little happier when he talks to folks. 😉

One very important reminder – We saw a child run out as a car was pulling up the driveway, so please follow Santa’s instructions as you drive in. If you get out of your vehicle, do not leave the immediate parking area, to make sure you and your children stay safe!

You will have access to the visitor control panel, Santa’s mailbox and donation box in the parking area without any issues, but going up or down the driveway (with its black ice due to high volume traffic) or walking on the grass near the lights (which operate using 110 volts) with wiring on the ground you can’t see, is not permitted for obvious safety reasons.

One other thing to mention. We have had several visitors complain this year that people are leaving their headlights on while parked, taking away from some of the display’s effects. If folks could turn off their headlights while parked, that would be appreciated by fellow visitors. 🙂

Thanks for your cooperation. We hope you enjoy our 40th display!

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