Display Takedown Update

I finished taking down and storing our display today! The warm weather we had allowed me to remove all of the ground wiring and rebar, so the entire display has been removed, except for the 3 trailer mounted vignettes that we remove by tractor each year when the ground dries out in the spring.
I am currently working on some of the display items, (the animatronics) that are in need of repair/maintenance.
Once those are done it’s time to update the operational software, and sequence a few more songs for next season.
My Santa’s face, which I believe is latex is cracking, so I am in need of someone that can fabricate a new face, minus the jaw which is covered by his beard and moves as he speaks.
I would appreciate any suggestions on restoring his face. Santa was built back in the 1980’s. My wife restored his suit a few years back. I modified his mechanisms and keep them working. We just need a new face.
We look forward to seeing you next season!

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