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We just finished up sequencing our 3rd new song for this year! All 3 will feature our singing bulbs, and all 3 will be able to be selected from our visitor’s control panel, in addition to being played in the normal rotation of songs we offer. The first one we worked on was “Last Christmas by” Glee, which is one most folks will immediately recognize.The second one is “Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey” by Lou Monte, which is a catchy tune, one the kids are absolutely going to love! The third one has been the most challenging to sequence of all of the songs I have done to date. It has taken me a month of sequencing and editing efforts, due in large part to the background “rhythm” effects, requiring me to synchronize the lights down to to the .01 second time level, and then to synchronize the selection to the video we will be projecting to accompany the song. The song is the “Little Drummer Boy” by Pentatonix. We hope you will enjoy our latest additions!
For those that might not be aware, the names and performers of all of our songs are constantly being scrolled across the screen of newer car radios while being played. Some folks may have to go to the display (screen) that shows the radio stations that have been programmed in to see the information being displayed. Others will simply see that information scroll on the radio’s display.

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