Our display will be going live next week!

Despite a somewhat challenging couple of months, our display’s setup will be completed by this weekend.
The weather really put a damper on setup this year, no pun intended, but we persevered and got the job done. 🙂

The weather, in addition to some new elements we added, along with updating quite a few of our display vignettes with all new lighting, extended our setup time considerably this year.

Even Bruce, our interactive talking spruce tree has been reworked, and is ready to talk with folks this season. The best hours to chat with him live are 6 – 7pm daily. Other times during the display’s hours he might be on a call with the North Pole, and folks will only get a recorded message.

We have one last display item that I just finished painting last night that will be assembled and be ready to incorporate in the display this weekend.

Once that is in place final testing of all of the electronics will take place, and we will be ready to light up Holland on November 23rd!

** Don’t forget our special family night is the SECOND Saturday in December this year, with Santa joining our usual 3 North Pole 3 characters for the first time!

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