Our family night event tonight was in a word, wonderful!

The event tonight went well beyond our expectations! We have never seen crowds the size we had tonight. We met many wonderful families from all over!
We went through almost 3 (large) cans of hot chocolate powder. Don’t ask me how many gallons that translates into. All I known is Diane was mixing pot after pot of it all night! We almost ran out of the candy canes Frosty hands out.
The crowds stretched approximately 200 feet from the start of our drive up to the house where I was taking pictures. After the first hour the line shortened somewhat, and I was able to talk to a few folks.
There were two conversations that really hit home, and reinforced why I continue to do all the work setting up and taking down the display each year.
The first involved a couple that had their marriage proposal “under the lights” here a few years back. They were here tonight with their son who is now 4.
The second was from a young mother who brought her children to the event. She said she has been visiting our display every year starting back when her father brought here as a young child 31 years ago.
I’m exhausted, but it’s a good exhaustion. Thanks to all of you who came out and made the evening special for all of us!

** We have sent out all of the pictures taken tonight as of 12/6/17. There was only one we could not send. The email address of RBGIL…. (rest deleted for privacy) was not a valid mailbox according to the server. If the owner of that will contact me I can get the full email address and resend out the picture.

All of the pictures have been uploaded here to our photo album. Look in the display pictures section under the 2017 special event.

All of the Santa letters will be addressed this coming weekend.

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