Planning Your Visit

Location of the Holiday Lights

Greg and Diane Young
8590 Phillips Road
Holland, New York, 14080

Dates and Hours of Operation

Our Display runs from 6 PM to 10 PM daily starting the day after Thanksgiving, and running through December 25th. The display will not operate during periods of moderate to heavy rainfall, as the GFCI outlets will trip, which is a safety feature. They are not bothered by snowfall, even if heavy, so the only time the display will be off is during evenings where there has been moderate/heavy rain occurring.

Special Instructions

Tune your radio to FM 104.3 and watch parts of the display that change with the music…

FM 104.3 can be heard daily from 7 AM to 6 PM hosting seasonal music, followed by the display’s music from 6 PM to 10 PM.

Parts of the display electronically activate as cars pull in the driveway. The display can only be seen in its entirety from the turn-around parking area, located midway up the drive.

The parking area is designed to handle 4 large vehicles. There are 4 cement “bumpers” anchored in the parking area to prevent cars from going past the paved parking area. Please park your vehicles in line with those to allow 4 vehicles to park side by side.

Please turn off your headlights while watching the display, as they distract from the display not only for you, but also for the others viewing the display as well.  Parking lights left on are fine.

Visitors are welcome, and while folks are to stay in their vehicles, we do let folks temporarily leave their vehicles to drop off letters to Santa in the green mailbox, access the visitor’s control panel to choose musical selections, drop off donations to the Boys and Girls club in their red lock box, or interact with our “talking animation” Bruce.

If you leave your vehicles for any of the 4 above activities be advised the black top will likely be slippery due to rain/snow/black ice (which is common at our higher elevation) so there is a risk of falling. Leaving your vehicle will be at your own risk. 

Folks are not permitted to leave the immediate parking area due to high voltage used in portions of the display (i.e. there are high voltage wires crossing over the sidewalk), as well as the many tripping hazards found throughout the yard. Due to safety issues the display will be immediately turned off should any visitors leave the parking area and wander into any of the display areas!

We hope you enjoy our holiday display and want to make sure that you consider your personal safety, and the safety of other family members and friends, at all times.