Saturday night family event update

It appears the weather will be great for Saturday night, although it will be cold, so bundle up the kids!
We will have road cones placed a little ways up the driveway to allow each vehicle (one at a time) to pull in, drop the family off, and then go and park alongside our country road. That way no children will be walking on our road, which beyond our display area is dark at night.
It looks as though we are going to have a large crowd, so I would ask a favor of folks attending – Please keep a watchful eye to ensure children stay in the driveway, which is roped off by green and blue ropelights, as there are significant tripping and electrical hazards in the actual display areas. The driveway gives folks a full view of the entire display.
Thanks in advance for your helping us ensure everyone has an enjoyable and safe event! 🙂

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