Snow Update

I didn’t think I would have time to post again, but we didn’t get the snow they have been predicting. I just got in from an easy clean-up. We have about 3/4 inches of new snow, which looks pretty and sets the scene for tonight! Sounds like the snow is staying up North. For those coming out via the thruway to route 400 to route 16, the only thing I would be concerned about is whether the hill on Partridge road, going past the school, is plowed. If not it could be slippery.The alternatives are either taking Center road from East Aurora, heading South past the channel 4 TV tower, making a left at the small fire hall (which is Partridge road), traveling a few miles, turning right onto Phillips Rd (which you will come to in a more wooded area. There is a street light at that intersection)For those already on route 16 coming from the North, you can head further South from where Partridge comes into route 16 (at the school). Go until you hit the first stoplight, turning right onto Holland Glenwood road. Go a few miles, and turn right onto Phillips. (You will then be heading North). Our home will be a few miles down the road a little before Partridge on the left. You will see the lights, and cars, so we will be easy to find.Partridge may be plowed by the time you come out, so you might not need the alternatives, but they are there in case you do.

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