Winter Storm Update!

Tonight our show will go on as usual.

The storm that has been hitting folks in the Western and Central US is scheduled to impact us starting tomorrow morning with rain, with temperatures in the 40’s (which it has been today), but then dropping 30 degrees (over several hours!) to the low teens producing significant icing. Winds will rapidly rise with peak gusts expected in the 65 – 70 mph range. The rain will change to snow and over the next 2 days we are expected to get between 1 and 2 feet.

The snow we can easily handle but the winds and icing will likely lead to significant power outages.

The high winds with the predicted snow amounts will lead to zero visibility at times, with closure of major thoroughfares.

Given this we will NOT be running the display Friday or Saturday.

Depending on road conditions we MAY run it one last time, on Sunday night which is our normal last day of operation each season, but I wouldn’t bet on it, depending on the impact of the storm, along with the lake effect snows..

I will post an update on Sunday operations some time Saturday.

Bottom line, it’s best to plan on tonight being the last night for our 2022 display.

It’s currently 39 degrees, with no precipitation and clean roads, a great day to come out!

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